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Living in harmony with the seasons, enjoy Winter!

People often tell me they find the winter months difficult because they have SAD (seasonal affective depression). Their energy is low and they want to stay indoors and rest. This actually became the fashionable thing to do recently with the Danish idea of hygge, or coziness. A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner would say feeling this way means you are in tune with nature. I strongly recommend embracing the short days of cold wet weather and long hours of darkness by doing as little as possible, conserving your energy so that you are ready to meet Spring's challenge to put forth new leaves and grow.

Avoid getting chilled if you have been sweating, for example after exercise, or going outside after travelling on the overheated tube. If you do catch cold, you can make a hot toddy at bedtime, take it with aspirin if you need pain relief.

How to make a hot toddy

Put into a mug
some pieces of cinnamon stick
fresh ginger
juice of half a lemon

pour on boiling water and stir, then add a tot of whisky (you can make it without the alcohol)

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