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What is Shiatsu?

Also known as acupressure, Shiatsu is a Japanese massage and bodywork therapy. Shiatsu is very versatile; depending on your needs I use vigorous deep tissue massage, rocking, percussion, stretches, breathing and gentle holding pressure. Shiatsu allows you to let go and completely relax during a treatment.

“The human body at peace with itself
is more precious than the rarest gem.
Cherish your body.
It is yours this one time only”

How does it work?

Shiatsu is different to other forms of massage because it uses acupuncture meridians. By identifying areas of weakness and stagnation and including these in a whole body treatment, Qi is encouraged to flow smoothly and balance is restored.

Why have Shiatsu?

It just feels wonderful. My clients tell me they love the the depth of relaxation they experience. You may also like not having to undress for Shiatsu, just wear comfortable loose leggings and top.

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