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Traditional acupuncturist, shiatsu and herbal medicine practitioner Maggie Bavington

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How can I help?

I am a qualified acupuncturist based in east London (Walthamstow E17 and Bethnal Green E2) with 20 years experience, offering holistic acupuncture and Japanese shiatsu massage treatments to relax and harmonise your body and mind. As an acupuncturist I see many people who come for help with specific symptoms or to relieve specific pains like osteoarthritis of the knee. Others choose acupuncture because they feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis. More and more people know that traditional acupuncture aims to treat the whole person rather than specific symptoms in isolation, and because of this it can be effective for a range of conditions. Many people turn to acupuncture again and again because they find it so beneficial and relaxing. Read more about Maggie

2 minutes walk from Wood Street station in Walthamstow E17
To book an appointment at the Walthamstow practice 07802954490
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Some Saturday morning appointments available

3 minutes walk from Bethnal Green tube
To book an appointment at The Plane Tree clinic 0203 022 5892
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Latest appointment 7pm

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Fertility acupuncture east London

I am a member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network. Over the years I have supported many women and couples dealing with infertility and subfertility. Wherever you are in your fertility journey, whether trying to conceive naturally or using IVF, using donor sperm or donor eggs, recovering from miscarriage, feeling ill in early pregnancy, getting ready for labour or recovering afterwards, I am very happy to talk to you and look forward to meeting you.

I have been supported by Maggie in my treatment for stress and emotional anxiety. Her caring and thoughtful approach is inspiring. Following every session with Maggie I feel emotionally lighter and more capable of dealing with the challenges I face, I would (and do) recommend anyone looking for stress support, fertility support, sleep or energy issues pays Maggie a visit. Josie Beevers

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Can acupuncture help me?

Free 20 minute telephone consultation. If you would like to talk to me before making an appointment, please ring, text or email me and we will find a convenient time to have a chat. Whatever is concerning you about your health, my approach is completely holistic, which means I will look at your symptoms in the context of your overall health. Fact sheets about a variety of conditions can be found on the British Acupuncture Council website, and some examples of problems I have experience with are below. They are too numerous to mention everything, so don't worry if your problem isn't listed here.

Irregular periods, painful periods, absence of periods
Erectile dysfunction, abnormal or low sperm count
PCOS, infertility, threatened miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage
Nausea in pregnancy, breech baby, labour overdue
Headache, migraine, back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, hip pain, sciatica
Post-viral or chronic fatigue
Digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, bloating, nausea, heartburn/acid reflux
Menopausal sweating, premature menopause
Insomnia, poor, restless or unrefreshing sleep
Skin problems such as acne, eczema, alopecia
Stress, anxiety, low mood, depression

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More about acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion, electroacupuncture

Chinese herbal medicine
the Walthamstow practice
How does acupuncture work?

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Supervision and mentoring

I offer individual supervision, and the possibility of group supervision for acupuncture practitioners. I am on the British Acupuncture Council register of qualified supervisors. If you are an acupuncture practitioner please have a look at Mentoring and supervision if you would like to find out more about what is involved

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Seasonal healthy living advice

Have a look at these lovely healthy living tips for autumn: delicious recipes, breathing and massage for relaxation, salt scrubbing for gorgeous skin

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Acupuncture East London. Experienced insured and registered, your local acupuncturist for E17 Walthamstow, E2 Bethnal Green and the surrounding areas of Hackney, Chingford and South Woodford. Member of the British Acupuncture Council MBAcC, the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, the Professional Standards Authority Voluntary Register.

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