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Why supervision?

Most acupuncture practitioners in the UK work alone, which can be isolating as well as liberating. Supervision is one way in which you can take responsibility for getting the support you need to grow your practice in the ways that you choose. Supervision is a safe non-judgemental setting in which to talk about your work and your relationship to it. We aim to co-create a relaxed, warm and confidential environment in which openness, honesty and respectful challenge can flourish. I am part of a network of practitioners who have trained in mentoring/supervision for acupuncturists with Isobel Cosgrove and Sally Blades and am on the BAcC register of mentor/supervisors. I benefit from ongoing supervision for my own practices and value the feeling of connection and resilience that it brings, enabling me to fully engage and feel excited by my work.

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Individual or group supervision?

Individual sessions can be useful if you want more time to look at practice issues than is possible in a group. Sessions are in Walthamstow and times are flexible. An individual session lasts an hour and costs £50. Group supervision sessions are in Walthamstow on Tuesday mornings for 2 hours, once a month except in January and August. The charge is £30, payable in terms.

How to find out more

If you are interested in supervision and want to find out if I could be the right supervisor for you, please contact me. We can then arrange a 1 to 1 session where you can bring issues from your practice and where we will discuss your experience and expectations of supervision and decide whether 1 to 1 or group supervision would be right for you. The current group is made up of members who have been in practice for several years and will have space next year for one new member with several years' experience. A new group will form when a minimum of three people are ready to commit.

This poem The Student's Prayer by Umberto Maturana gives more of an idea of what supervision is and is not:

Don't impose on me what you know,
I want to explore the unknown
and be the source of my own discoveries
Let the known be my liberation, not my slavery

The world of your truth can be my limitation
your wisdom my negation
Don't instruct me: let's walk together
Let my richness begin where yours ends

Show me that I can stand
on your shoulders
Reveal yourself so that I can be
something different

You believe that every human being
can love and create.
I understand, then, your fear
when I ask you to live according to your wisdom.

You will not know who I am
by listening to yourself
Don't instruct me; let me be.
Your failure is that I be identical to you

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